Elisabeth Borne sues publisher over unauthorized biography

French Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne

French Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne Sues Biographer for Invasion of Privacy

Elisabeth Borne, the French Minister of Transport, has taken legal action against the publisher of a biography, claiming that it violates her privacy. The book, which was published in September 2021, is entitled "Elisabeth Borne, the Woman Who Always Goes Higher." In response, the publisher has stated that the book is a work of journalism and that it respects the principles of freedom of expression and information.

Details of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit was filed in the Paris High Court, and it alleges that the biography contains personal details that are not relevant to Borne's role as a public figure. According to Borne's lawyer, the book includes information about her family, her private life, and her health, which were not authorized for publication. The lawsuit seeks to have the book removed from sale and to obtain damages for invasion of privacy.

Publisher's Response

In response to the lawsuit, the publisher, Editions de l'Observatoire, has stated that the book is a work of serious journalism. They argue that the information included in the book is relevant to Borne's career and her role as a minister. They also maintain that the book respects the principles of freedom of expression and information, and that Borne was given the opportunity to read the manuscript before publication.

Possible Implications

The lawsuit could have significant implications for freedom of expression and the role of biographers in France. If the court rules in Borne's favor, it could set a precedent for public figures to control the information that is published about them. On the other hand, if the court rules in favor of the publisher, it could establish the right of journalists to investigate and report on public figures without fear of legal action.


Q: What is the book about?

A: The book is an unauthorized biography of French Transport Minister Elisabeth Borne, detailing her political career as well as personal details about her life.

Q: What is the lawsuit about?

A: Borne is suing the book's publisher for invasion of privacy, claiming that the book contains inaccurate and intrusive revelations about her private life.

Q: What is the publisher's response?

A: The publisher has not yet commented on the lawsuit, but defended the book as a work of political journalism that respects ethical rules.


The lawsuit filed by Elisabeth Borne against the publisher of her biography has raised important questions about the balance between privacy and freedom of expression. The outcome of the case will be closely watched by journalists, publishers, and public figures in France and beyond.

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