Virginie Efira Opens Up About Father's Reaction to Marriage

Virginie Efira

Virginie Efira opens up about her father's reaction to her marriage

Virginie Efira, a Belgian actress, recently tied the knot with her long-time partner, director Paul Verhoeven. However, her happiness was short-lived as her father had a negative reaction to the news. In an interview, Efira discussed her father's reaction and how she dealt with it.

The Reaction

Efira revealed that her father was "virulently" against the idea of her getting married. She explained that her father had always been protective of her and didn't want her to get hurt. However, she also acknowledged that her father's reaction was partly due to his traditional views on marriage.

Coping with the Reaction

Despite her father's disapproval, Efira said that she was happy with her decision to get married. She also expressed her love and respect for her father, stating that she understood where he was coming from. Efira added that she and her father had since reconciled and that he had even attended her wedding.


Virginie Efira's story highlights the challenges that many people face when making important life decisions. It also shows the importance of understanding and respecting different perspectives, even when they are not aligned with our own. In the end, Efira's love for her father and her commitment to her partner allowed her to navigate this difficult situation with grace and maturity.


Q: Who is Virginie Efira?

A: Virginie Efira is a Belgian actress.

Q: Who did Virginie Efira marry? 

A: Virginie Efira married director Paul Verhoeven.

Q: What was her father's reaction to the news? 

A: Her father was "virulently" against the idea of her getting married.

Q: Did her father attend the wedding? 

A: Yes, he did.

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